Monday, July 13, 2009

"Hate It or Love It" The Game Wants Beef!!

I've Been Hearing a lot of Speculation about this Game VS Jay-Z Beef. But The Game is sending some Serious Heat Hova's way.

Now I know it's really not in Hov's Character to respond to Rappers, but Game is throwing some Low Blows.

Here's a verse from "I'm So Wavy" thats the Title to the New Diss Record:

"The Way I'm bout to go is Usual a No No, But I'm LoCo got the Camel in the Chokehold, Tryin to Son Me I'm not from NYC, U Can't even have a Child by your Destiny". (U Can't even have a Child by your Destiny) OUCH!!! NOW THAT HURT!!!

We Need Some Type of Response for that this Time "Jay", How the Mobb say it, No Women & Kids.

Here's The Song "I'm So Wavy"

Here's Another Diss by The Game in Madrid Spain

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