Saturday, November 21, 2009

KRS-One On 50 Cent & Jay-Z: “That Would Be The Greatest Battle In Hip-Hop History”

I agree with KRS-One that Battling is good for Hip-Hop, but I disagree that Jay-Z & 50 Cent would be the "Greatest Battle in Hip-Hop History". Lyrically I don't think 50 is time enough for Jay. I Think the Nas & Jay-Z Battle might have been "One Of" the Greatest Battles in Hip-Hop History, at least in my generation.

Here's a few Match Up's I wouldn't mind seeing....

Jay-Z vs Eminem

Lil Wayne vs Cory Gunz

Jada Kiss vs Styles P

Lupe vs Kanye West

Drake vs J.Cole

T.I. vs Ludacris

Jeezy vs Rick Ross

Wale vs Kid Cudi

Mos Def vs Common

Black Thought vs Talib Kweli

Andre 3000 vs B.O.B

Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj

These are just a few of Battles that I think would be cool to see. Its plenty more that I didn't list.

I would LOVE to see these MC's go Head to Head on the Mic.

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  1. James, I think that Jay Z vs. DMX battle was awesome. DMX kilt (lol) Jay Z! I would love to see Scarface battle Jay Z or whichever rapper is suppose to be the greatest alive!