Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Break a Leg"

"Break a Leg" is a well known saying in show business which means "good luck". It is typically said to actors before they go out onto stage to perform. In this case the phrase "Break a Leg" didn't bring much "good luck" to actor/rapper Drake, it all most seems like he reenacts his character "Jimmy" from the sitcom "Degrassi". I must say in this mere moment of tragedy Lil Wayne managed to bring humor to a bad situation. I think Drake will be fine at least I hope so & I wish him a quick recovery so he can get back to making HOTT music. But word to the wise next time Drake "Hop Up On Your Good Foot" LMAO!!!

Drake collapses on stage:

Here's a Clip from Degrassi "Jimmy Got Shot"

Jimmy Wheelchair Clips:

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