Monday, August 3, 2009

Airing Out the Dirty Laundry "Shots Fired"

I'm not gonna put a lot of energy into this blog, but it does seem that Mariah Carey & Eminem are licking shots at each other. Eminem just released a track called "The Warning" if I'm not mistaken that's the correct name but don't hold me to it. I'm sure by now we've all heard & seen Mariah's video to her song "Obsessed". This particular character in the video is depicted to be Eminem at least that's what I got from it & apparently Eminem did to. The main reason I even wanted to do this blog is because the track Eminem just released is by far one of the best diss records I've heard this year or in awhile for that matter. Talk about airing out the dirty laundry listen to these tracks.

Here's Eminem's track "The Warning"

Here's Mariah's track "Obsessed"

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