Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Encore" Eminem is Back

With His Album sitting at the Top of the Billboard Charts for the past 6 Weeks and His Up & Coming Roll in a film Directed by Judd Apatow called "FUNNY PEOPLE" I would say Eminem is Definitely is Back!!

This film includes some Big Names like Adam Sandler,Seth Rogen,Eric Bana to Name a Few.

The director told MTV.com's movie blog about the cameo and what it was like working with the artist.

"I was scared to pitch jokes to him, then I realized his songs are as nasty as anything that has ever been spoken. There is no way to offend him," Apatow said of Marshall Mathers.

It's been seven years since we've seen him in "8 Mile" I'm Anxious to see Eminem's roll,I'm Rooting for you Shady.

Here's a Photo of Eminem & Adam Sandler in "FUNNY PEOPLE"

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