Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jermaine Dupri Calls Usher Disrespectful, "I Have To Ask You Am I The Executive Producer?"

Producer Jermaine "JD" Dupri recently talked about not having an executive producer role on Usher's new Raymond v. Raymond album.

JD claims Usher did not attempt to reach out to him for his latest solo album.

"Well, I didn't really want to be executive producer of Usher's projects after Confession. Me as a producer, it's kind of hard for me to go back into people's projects when I gave you your biggest album sold more records than any other artist in this decade based on that album and now I have to ask you am I the executive producer of your next album? That seems disrespectful to me. Obviously, I'm looking at something different than everyone is looking at it whether it's the label, the artist, management... whoever it is. I've had this same conversation with L.A. Reid, because I'm doing Mariah Carey's album right now. And on her last album, I didn't have one song on there. But I did Emancipation of Mimi and she sold more records than she sold in the last five years. What part of the game makes y'all not call me? But I'm not going to keep sticking my neck out. But I don't feel like I'm supposed to ask to produce anymore. People are supposed to come to me and tell me that I'm the executive producer. That's why I get more kicks working with younger artists." (VIBE)

Usher's latest album reached gold status last week.

R&B superstar Usher's Raymond V. Raymond slid one slot to No. 5 this week with 52,000 and lost out to Glee Cast's Power of Madonna which topped the charts with 98,000. According to Nielsen Soundscan, Usher's latest album has sold 538,000 copies after a month in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Aside from Usher, JD has been working with Janet Jackson.

I'm Wondering to myself, What was the point of making the statement calling Usher Disrespectful???? If "JD" didn't want to be the Executive Producer of Usher's album anyway. {So He Claim}

It seems to me he is a little upset, this is how their business goes you work with different artist & producers on each project. Besides it's a lot of up & coming talent that deserves a shot. In my opinion I would be content with being apart of one of Usher's best selling albums if I was "JD" But!!! I'm not "JD" & whatever the case is I just hope they work things out & continue to make good music.

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