Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Black Men In The Age Of President Obama"

This is a interesting clip; I must say I disagree with two statements from two of the Brothers on the panel.

The first Brother said "If you want to be Lil Wayne & you fail, you just a broke Brother at home with rhymes" To me that's a discouraging statement, now I will say everyone "WILL NOT" become a Lil Wayne or even reach His status. But who's to say that person "WONT BECOME" a successful song writer or even a ghost writer for that matter. Further more who's to say He's gonna be a "BROKE BROTHER WITH RHYMES" he may still be a success in something else. With that being said, I say to everyone strive to be whatever you wish but always have a back up plan.

The second Brother said "If He sends His child to a D.C. public school He's making a very clear statement that I value this education. This is where I live, this is where I gonna send my kids to school" Is it Me or does anyone else want to ask Him is He "SERIOUS". I understand the point He's trying to make but this is the President their talking about, under no circumstances would I suggest that the President enroll His kids into Public schooling. Not even because of the of the education system, but because of the inconvenience and danger that his kids and other kids would be in. What I mean by that is if a terrorist or any criminal of some sort found out what "PUBLIC" school the President children attended, it in my mind would immediately be a problem. There's nothing wrong with public schools everyone can't afford private schools. I went to public schools myself, But "COME ON" the President sending his kids there I "TOTALLY" disagree.

Listen at Their Perspectives of The President

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