Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are You Afraid of Death

Are you Afraid of Death? I'm not afraid to admit that I ponder about death more times than usual now-a-days & I'm somewhat afraid. Maybe its not so much that I'm afraid of death because I know death is certain, I'm just scared of leaving anytime soon or at a young age. You ever hear people say "He left before His time" I'm always confused by that statement because I always thought life was preordained. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you can leave before your time I don't agree but maybe. I've loss so many love one's to "death" that I tend to think about it often. Most folk would say "WELL YOU NEED TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD". But that's not my problem because my "Faith" leads my to believe that I'm right with GOD. Then one may ask "well whats your problem"? I guess I've came to realize everyday you live you getting closer to death, I mean think about it "Death" is always trying to get you: from a "MINOR" injury to a "MAJOR" car accident the Grim Reaper never seems to be at "REST". The world we live in today makes it hard not to ponder about death, as I think of all the crime & corruption we're going through this day and age the global crisis etc. Its like we're one "Deep Breathe" away from "Anarchy". See the truth is I'm afraid of dying a failure, I probably would turn over in my grave if I left this world feeling that way. I think once I've reached & accomplished some of the goals I've set for myself then maybe my fear of death will simmer. I just feel I have a lot of unfinished business in this "LIFE" & once I get it taken care of I wont be so afraid of "Death"

"Life Is Short Is What Some People Said
Not If You Measure Life by How One Lives & What He Did & Fun He Had"

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