Saturday, August 15, 2009

Al Great Spittin Heavy in the Studio with DJ Toomp

Well B-More I would like to think by now we're all starting to got familiar with Al Great. He's Hustling Hard & this pass week He took His show on the road, all the way to Atlanta. Al Great was blessed with the opportunity to Spit some flows in the presents of DJ Toomp. Now all "TRUE" Hip-Hop Heads know exactly who DJ Toomp is, but for those of you who don't He's only one of the "HOTTEST" Producers in Atlanta & in the Game.

DJ Toomp is a Grammy-Winning, Multi-Platinum Selling Producer and Songwriter, He was also recently named one of the "Best Beatmakers" by Rolling Stone Magazine, Toomp oversees three ventures: Zone Boy Productions, Toompstone Publishing, and NZone Entertainment.

Press Play on the iPod to Hear some of the Tracks that DJ Toomp has Produced:

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Al Great Spittin in DJ Toomp Studio:

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youtube channel(algreat11)

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  1. This joint is fire! I'm finally caught up on your blog homie. Good sh!t all across the board. Keep going...