Thursday, July 16, 2009

Put Them MuthaFuckin A's Up

If You are a Hip-Hop Head & You're from Baltimore City & You're still not familiar with Skarr Akbar, Then I truly don't know what to say about you. This Guy has been putting it down for Baltimore Hip-Hop for a VERY VERY long Time, long before our Town was even getting recognition for its Music. With His Sharp Delivery & Charismatic Energy it's Hard not to see Him Perform & be Captivated by His Performance.

Skarr – Akbar was born Stephen Tatum on the Westside of Baltimore, MD. Raised by a single mother of 3, music has always played a major role in his life. In grade school he learned to play the trumpet and like most black households, the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and George Clinton were in regular rotation. But, it was when a 10 year old Stephen walked into Baltimore Arena and saw Run DMC, The Fat Boys and LL Cool J rocks the stage that an emcee was born.

Skarr hone his skill as one of B-More’s most respected battle rapper. He has gone toe to toe with some of the industry best, like Method Man, Ghostface Killa, and Eminem. It was a battle with Onyx that landed him a spot on the Survival of the Illest tour back in 1998. Skarr polished he punch lines and delivery the on the battle ground, but please believe he is nice with the pen. He has even penned lyric for Bad Boy artist Cheri Dennis.

His music is truth. “I write what I know, what I’ve been through cause I don’t know nothing else.” He knows the streets very well, and has the battle scars to prove it, but he doesn’t brag about it. Skarr emerged after the death of his best friend/cousin. “Skarr-Akbar is my alter-ego. He is the voice and Stephen is the brains behind the voice.” He has something for everyone. From the dope boy to the club heads, if they want it Skarr-Akbar got it. With 15 mix tapes under his belt, all independently produced and distributed, he has proven to be the streets favorite.

As a father of 3, Skarr Akbar’s ambitions don’t end at the studio. “I want to me a mogul like Russ, Jay, Dre and Em.” He wants to give back to community and show the kids of Baltimore that anything is possible. Skarr has also been bitten by the acting bug while shooting episodes of HBO’s hit drama The Wire. He has produced 2 documentaries and is currently working on a screenplay. “Music is my first love…I need it like you need oxygen, but I am not one dimensional.”

Skarr-Akbar has been in the game for a longtime. He has battled the industry’s best, dropped 15 mixed tapes and has won the respect of his hometown and the industry…so when asked why does he keep doing it, “I’m ambitious and passionate. God blessed me with a gift and I have to use it.” Enough said.

Here's More HOT ISH!!! From Skarr Akbar, This was one of the Hottest Tracks in B-More this Year Scholarship Chick

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