Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pose for the Camera Now Flick Flick Flick

"Tiara LaNiece" Doesn't that just sound like a name for The Next Victoria Secret Model?

Baltimore's Own Next Top Model.

I Think its Safe to Say She has the Total Package,She's Witty,She's Gorgeous,She has Confidence & Determination,She also Possesses a Demanding Stage Presence & A Uncanny Niche for the Camera.

Her Sizes Are: 34-26-37

Tiara LaNiece in Her Own Words

My name is Tiara L. Dodson. I was born October 26, 1984. I am and aspiring model/rap artist in the DMV area. I am a Baltimore native. I grew up on the Westside of Baltimore City. At the age of 7, I was playing around with my aunt Polaroid camera. I killed a box of film “I mean it was only 15 pictures”. (Laughs) Right then and there I realized I was a fan of the camera. I used to dance to every song on the radio so my aunt had me to join a local marching band. I remember it like it was yesterday. “The Baltimore Westsiders”! I loved to perform. I did my first show that didn’t include my aunts high heels, (chuckles) in a local hair show in 1993; it was for a salon called “Dawn’s” (that my godmother owned) located on Pennsylvania Ave. I was the highlight of the show. (Laughs) Every since that day, I’ve been participating in community fashion/hair/talent shows. As I got older I started to do bigger community events. I won a contest for a 4 page spread in “The Flywire Magazine” in 2007 for a “Rock Star” make over. Just to name a few events I took part in: Daniel Wilcox Foundation Fashion Show (Maserti Charity Event), DTLR (local retailer), Up Against The Wall (local retailer), and Love Night Club (Bow Wow’s 21st Bday Party). These all were great experiences. Modeling is my passion which will later help me with my acting. I love the camera and it loves me back. (Giggles) As a model I express myself through my facial expressions and body language. I always had a passion for writing also. In middle school I played basketball. We had a fair squad. While playing basketball I hung around the guys’ team because we all had to travel on one bus to games. I used to join in on their freestyle sessions (almost saying nothing). That’s where my love for writing and rapping started. Music is like therapy to me I have to get it out. So in Tiara LaNiece you have a model, a rap artist, and a potential actress. So if you’re not working hard, I’m coming for you!


“Keep your Dreams Alive. Understand to Achieve anything requires Faith and Belief in Yourself, Vision, Hard Work, Determination, and Dedication. Remember all things are Possible for those who Believe.”

“If I were Dropped out of a Plane into the Ocean and told the Nearest Land was a Thousand Miles Away, I'd still Swim. And I'd Despise the One who Gave Up.”

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